Invite us to your event!

We will provide ice cream in desired quantity, cups and/or cones, spoons, a scooper  and napkins. We will deliver the box at the address and time of your event. If you wish to have someone serve the ice cream while you enjoy your party, it will be a 25$ additional cost. After the 4th box, we give a 10% discount and provide someone to serve free of charge. After the 10th box, we give a 15% discount and provide two peole to serve free of charge.  

Catering Box

Cups or Cones
Would you like someone to serve at your event?
  • Return our reusable box (in the same condition it was when delivered) and scooper and you'll receive two full Wild Willy's cards.

  • If you wish to have other flavors than those listed in the options, you must be ordering at least 2 weeks in advance, please call 514-820-WILD for such orders.