Dear customers,

Given the circumstances surrounding Covid-19 we have developed a delivery service to better meet your needs. Orders and payments can only be made online through our website.

The price is $10 per litre, with a flat delivery fee of $3. There is a minimum of 20$ per order. Please note, we will only be delivering within a certain range of our store. You can find out if your location is eligible by starting an order on our website. Deliveries will be made the following day that your order was placed from 4pm to 8pm. Even if there is no answer, we will leave the ice cream on your doorstep. We will be running this service until further notice. This is new for us and therefore we ask that you be considerate of any delays. Do not hesitate to contact us by email at or by calling 514-820-WILD (only available from 12pm to 5pm) should you have any questions!